How can I hire an attorney if I have no money?

If we take your case, you do not have to pay attorneys’ fees until we recover benefits for you.  The attorney fees and costs will be deducted from your recovery.

How much does workers’ compensation have to pay me when I am out of work?

Workers’ compensation is required to pay an injured worker 2/3 of the injured worker wages (subject to a maximum weekly amount) until maximum medical improvement is reached.  After that time, a small amount of impairment benefits are paid.

What medical benefits am I entitled to under the workers’ compensation law?

You are entitled to medical care for the treatment of your injury for life, subject to time limits. Requesting and receiving medical benefits under the workers compensation law can be very frustrating and often requires the assistance of an experienced attorney.

How can I get a new doctor?

Injured workers are allowed a one time change in their authorized treating physician; however, the insurance company is usually entitled to select the physician.

  • What are the attorneys fees in a work comp case?  

Generally, they are 25% of a settlement, subject to the approval of the worker’s compensation judge.  

Can I apply for and receive Social Security Benefits if I am receiving workers’ compensation benefits?

Yes; however, the insurance company is entitled to offset your workers’ compensation benefits by a percentage of the Social Security benefits you receive.

Can I force the workers’ compensation insurance company to settle?

No.  Any settlement of workers’ compensation benefits under Florida Workers’ Compensation Law is a completely voluntary.  Neither the insurance company nor an injured worker can force a settlement.

Can I sue my employer for personal injury?

When employers properly obtain workers’ compensation insurance, the law allows them almost complete immunity from law suits brought by their employees.

What happens if I get fired from my job?

No employer can fire an employee because that employee has filed a workers’ compensation claim.  An injured worker who has been wrongfully fired due to his workers’ compensation injury can bring a civil case against his employer.

What is the value of my workers’ compensation case?

Many factors affect the value of the case: your age, injury, wages, educational level, type of job, medical care, etc.  Because of the complexity of the law, it is essential to have an experienced Attorney to evaluate your case. 

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