Why do I need to retain an attorney?

In automobile accident case, it is very difficult to represent yourself. The law can be complicated, and the insurance companies are very experienced in handling claims. It is difficult to attempt to learn the law, be objective, and settle your own case. We strongly recommend that you retain an attorney.


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How do I pay for my automobile accident case if I have no money?

Once we accept your case, all costs will be paid by the firm. The attorney’s fees and costs will be deducted from your settlement at the end of your case.


How much are the attorneys’ fees?

Fees are usually 33 1/3% of a settlement; however, if a law suit is filed, they usually are 40%.


I already have a lawyer for my case. Can I change my lawyer?

You have the right to change attorneys at any time.


How much is my automobile accident case worth?

The value of your case depends on who was at fault, and the amount of your damages including:

Past Medical Bills
Future Medical Expenses
Lost Wages and Lost Earning capacity
Any permanent disability
Pain and suffering


How do I know what is a fair settlement for my case?

Every case is different. Experiences from your friends and family are not necessarily representative, and the amount of your settlement depends on the amount of insurance, the liability issues, as well as the extent of damages. Wiitala & Contole, P.A. will provide you with a personal evaluation of your case at no charge to discuss these issues.

What are the types of insurance involved in automobile accident?

PIP insurance: Your own insurance pays 60% of lost wages, 80% of medical bills, regardless of who was at fault in the accident.
Medical payments insurance: This is an optional coverage that pays 20% of your medical bills not paid by PIP.
Liability insurance: Pays damages as the result of the negligence of the other driver.
Uninsured motorist insurance: Pays for the damages caused by the negligence of an uninsured or underinsured driver.

How does insurance affect my automobile accident case?

Without insurance it is very difficult to obtain a financial recovery. The extent of insurance available is often the maximum amount you can realistically recover.

Can I recover more than the insurance that is available?

Yes; however this is extremely difficult. Few individuals have sufficient financial ability to pay a judgment, or their money is not collectible.

Can I settle with the insurance company for my property damage and still maintain a liability case?

Yes, you can execute a release for only your property damages; but, be careful not to sign a release for your personal injuries. We recommend you contact an attorney prior to signing any release to make sure that you do not give up your legal rights.

How long my automobile accident case will take?

The average case is resolved in 6 to 12 months, but if a lawsuit is filed, cases usually take 1-2 years.

The other driver’s insurance company offered me a settlement of my personal injury case.

We recommend you contact an attorney prior to accepting any settlement. Insurance companies may offer you a minimal amount of money in return for a release of your claims.

Wiitala & Contole, P.A. will give you a personal evaluation of your case at no charge. 

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